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Parent Communication


June 29, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardian,

 What an awesome year we had at DAEP!  What an awesome group of students and parents we had the opportunity to work with.  I would be amidst if I did not give a special thank you to our parents.  We were successful because of your direct cooperation and participation with us in your child's education.  Our meet and greet at the beginning of school was the foundation that established such a working relationship with our parents, and the Christmas reception was the icing on the cake.  The students were excited to share a meal with their family and friends.  Our students were delighted to personally serve as host and hostesses.  The relationships established with parents, teachers, students, and the staff was absolutely remarkable.  This relationship paved the way for a continued positive working relationship; one that will always be remembered in the life of our staff, students, and parents.

 We come to the close of another school year.  We have had a wonderful summer school session.  We now look toward August 2017.  We look with high expectation for the upcoming school year.  we look forward to seeing our returning students at orientation/meet the teacher on August 17, 2017, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.    We would like to wish a safe, restful, and fun filled summer vacation to all of our students, parents and the entire LISD Family.  Yes, I did say Family, for “We ARE LION COUNTRY”.


 Thank you for the opportunity to serve your child!

 Karen Maxey, Principal
Polk County DAEP



June 30, 2016




We find ourselves at the close of another school year and summer session.  The old saying, “there is just never enough time,”  seem to be bearing down on all of us.  How quickly the days, weeks, and months passed by.  We find ourselves asking where did they go?  Regardless of how quickly and/or how slowly we perceive the school year passed, we realize that time waits for no one and once gone it can not be regained.  I admonish each of us to make the best of our time. Spend time with family, friends, acquaintances and even people you may not have a special bond with.  I have found that some of my best conversations and well remembered moments have come from those I have met in just passing.  Share a smile, laughter, a kind word and if the opportunity is afforded a listening ear.

This year has afforded me just that.  The many opportunities to smile, laugh out loud, share kind words with parents, students, staff and yes to lend a listening ear to those I have no idea of their names and will probably never see again.  This year has also presented us with many challenges.  Many of which we conquered and some in which we were not able to conquer, however, we count it all joy to have been presented with the challenges knowing that we are stronger and better

because of the challenges.  This year also presented us with grief.  We were faced with the lost of many of our loved ones, coworkers, associates and former students. We thank God for the opportunity to have had these special people in our life and we continue to cherish their memories, legacy, and fun filled moments that we shared.


We now look forward to another school year.  We do not know the challenges that lie ahead, however, we welcome them with opened arms and believe that we have been equipped to meet the many challenges that we will face in the upcoming school year.  Not by our might, nor by our power, but the power of Him who keeps us and for ever watches over us.  We believe that our school, students, staff and administration have been made better due to the challenges and we believe that our school, students, staff and administration will do bigger and better things in 2016-17.  We  will continue to focus on making sure that our students have a quality education that meet with the rigor, critical thinking, and guidelines established by LISD and the state of Texas in the TEKS.  We will continue to assist students in redirecting and reinforcing desired behavior for student success.


We solicit you to be an active participate with us. We welcome your suggestions and ideas that will help us to better serve your child.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas by emailing us at  Have a fun filled summer break and we look forward to seeing our returning students at orientation/meet the teacher on August 22, 2016 from 4:30 to 6:00pm.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve your child!

Karen Maxey, Principal

Polk County DAEP




October 20, 2015


Parent and or Guardians:


Great things are happening at DAEP.  August and September was full  of new and innovative ideas, teaching methods and additional programs added to our regular program. The students were introduced to the PT (Physical Training) part of the program and I am pleased to say that under the leadership of Coach Ronal Mapps it is going well. The students look forward to the morning exercise to get the adrenaline flowing and thus lead to a brighter, awakening, and productive day.


The students were issued Chromebooks and can now communicate with their teachers from their home campus. Google Classroom has taken the DAEP Program to another level of learning. There are constant glitches but with technology it is to be expected. Teachers at DAEP have also started using google classroom for assignments, projects, research, and submitting assignments from the API Modular Curriculum for English, Social Studies and elective course. I have seen some amazing creations totally designed by students to assist with their projects as well as presenting their class work to the teachers.  


Students have participated in virtual lab simulation in science, designing web pages to display their results and present collected data. I think Mr. Nichols has really flipped his lid. Students in Algebra I and Geometry are participating in flipped classrooms. The students are loving it and so am I.  Students are given the opportunity to view the lesson lecture and take notes  prior to coming to class the following day. If you would like to view the lesson videos you may do so by simply following this link:

We are excited about our students participation in the Livingston High School Academy. We are expecting great results for our students in completing needed classes for graduation and credit recovery.


Students are also participating in character building group counseling sessions. The topic for this month is Responsibility.  Mr. Sharp meets every Wednesday with the students.  Our purpose is to build  good character traits and continue to reinforce the development of those traits to assist students in making positive lifetime decisions. I asked several students how they felt about the group session. One student said, “We need the time to be able to get things off of our chest and just to have someone to talk to is great”. Another student said, “they are helpful - you are not being judged but allowed to speak freely without reservation or condemnation”.


We have also started a staff mentoring program, every student enrolled in DAEP is assigned a mentor.  Mentors meet regularly with their students and assist in situations where the student might need additional positive and/or self corrective behavior skills.


Students who earned points of 241-300 for four straight days were allowed to wear pink shirts in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Out Day).   


We are thankful for such a wonderful well of opportunities for our students and it is our intent to keep you updated as the year progresses.




Karen Maxey, Principal

Polk County DAEP




What a difference a day brings! I cannot believe that summer is going by so quickly; new school year, new students, new teachers, new administrators, and new ideas. Not only is it a new year, our expectations of our students are also new. We believe that if we expect great things we will achieve greater things. If we are examples for our students, they will model us. If we respect our students they will respect us. If we greet them with a warm, loving, cheerful and heartfelt smile they will return the same to us.

The staff and administration at DAEP hold these values dear to our heart. We are thrilled about the opportunity to serve your child. Although some believe that it is not a favorable environment, we make it our business to insure that the environment at DAEP is one of respect, loyalty, safety, academics, redirection, structure and most of all love. Some may ask, "What's love got to do with it?" for those of you who know me, love has everything to do with it. Our motto is, "Discipline with Dignity". We believe that correction can be done in a respectful manner and we strive to do just that. We promise you that your child will be treated with the uttermost respect, that we will teach character building traits to assist your child in the decision making process, that his/her academics needs will be met to the best of our ability and that when and if necessary we will seek outside help if necessary.

We extend to all of our parents and the Livingston community a warm welcome. We solicit your cooperation in working with us to meet the needs of your child. We encourage you to be an active participant in your child's education. It truly does take a village to raise a child.

We are also excited about the extension of our web page including a monthly new letter along with showcasing the particular character building trait for the week. We are always looking for way to better communicate with our parents. You will be able to email me as well as the teaching staff. Be informed on special events, projects, home work and activities and other information that you might have questions about. We will also eventually get to the point where we will be presenting academic trivial questions to our students as well as tutorial information for those students needing additional assistance.

Again, we look forward to serving you this year. We pray that you and your child will have productive and positive life changing experiences this year.

I am LION COUNTRY - Be the Light!

Karen Maxey, Principal
Polk County DAEP