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Dress Code

Dress Code And Grooming


MALE:  Principal will evaluate the initial haircut with continued haircuts thereafter, the length and bulk of the hair will not be excessive or present a ragged, unkept, or extreme appearance.  Boys will wear their hair no longer than the top of a normal sports shirt collar in the back or below the bottom of the ear on the sides.  The front should not hang below the students eye brows. Fad style haircuts/colors, braided or tied in a “tail” on any part of the head is prohibited.  Beards and mustache are not allowed.  Students must be clean-shaven at all times.

FEMALE:  Hair will be neatly groomed and not present a ragged and untidy appearance.  Hair will be worn pulled back away from the face in a pony-tail fashion with a hair restraining device.  Hair restraining devices are limited to rubber bands and elastic hair bands.  Beads or similar ornamental items are not authorized. Fad style haircuts or “hair-do’s” are not authorized.  

NOTE:  Eyebrow and scalp sculpting are not permitted.  No fad color hair dyes will be permitted, (nor multi-color hair and or weave) as stated in the LISD Student Handbook.  All dress code rules are subject to discretion of administrator.

1st Violation - 48 points
2nd Violation - 72 points until student is in total compliance, and any additional violation of dress code that may occur.

Tattoos of any kind are not permitted at the DAEP.  Students with existing tattoos, temporary tattoos, or marks of any kind will be required to keep them covered at all times. These marks must be covered upon arriving to school. Covering will not be provided by the DAEP Campus or staff members. This is solely your responsibility.  Any student who willingly gets a tattoo after enrolling in DAEP will not be eligible for EE (Exceeds Expectation), for the remainder of the placement.

Students are not allowed to wear cosmetics (makeup) while enrolled in the DAEP.

False fingernails are not permitted.  Fingernail polish is not permitted.  All students will keep fingernails clean and neatly trimmed.  

E.  WEARING OF JEWELRY - Will be taken up
The wearing of jewelry is not authorized.  However, medical alert bracelets are authorized with proper documentation.  Earrings are not allowed for either male or female students.  Tongue rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings or any other ring that pierces the body are prohibited and will be confiscated.  The student’s parent may retrieve these items from the office at any time, or the student may retrieve these items at dismissal time on the last day of assignment to the DAEP.  

Pants: Students are to wear tan colored khaki pants (only). Pants must fit student according to size of waist and length. Pants must be worn properly at the waist, not below as to hang from the buttock. Baggy pants, khaki colored jeans, cargo type pants and cuffed pants, stretch pants, leggings  will not be permitted. Front and Back pant pockets must be able to be turned completely out for security check purposes. All students are required to wear a belt (daily). The belt should be leather type, black or brown in color, no decoration or designs, with the buckle no larger than the size of a credit card. Student must wear appropriate under garments at all times. The student cannot wear short pants or any other type pants underneath his/her khaki pants. Sewing pockets closed is unacceptable.

Shirts: Students are to wear a white polo collar type shirt with NO emblems and no more than 4 buttons. Students shirts must be properly tucked in at all times. If students wear a garment underneath his/her polo shirt, the undershirt must be white in color with no writing on the undershirt. Only one shirt may be worn under the regular school shirt. As the temperature requires, the student will be allowed to wear a jacket, or head attire, but all jackets and head covering will be searched and must be surrendered at the door at check in time.

Shoes: Only low quarter shoes may be worn. Shoes must be all white or all black, including body and soles of shoes. No two or three tone shoes or shoes with graphic designs will be allowed. Regular boots, high tops, 3/4 top tennis shoes, or polo type shoes/boots are not allowed. Caps, hats, or bandannas or any other hair covering devise are not allowed to be brought or worn to school.

PT Attire: Solid grey t-shirt and black athletic shorts or pants. (No Leggings, tights, or compression pants are not permitted) Any other color will result in loss of dress code points.

NOTE:  Any student who comes to school consistently in violation of the dress code may be sent home at the discretion of the campus administrator and will receive an unexcused absence for the day, which may lead to a compulsory attendance violation.