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Principal Procedures

Student Referral Process
Please follow the following steps when referring a student to DAEP: All paperwork is required prior to student orientation.

  • Complete the initial placement form in its entirety. Include a start date and an ending date.
  • Class schedule. If the student is enrolled in upper-level classes please reschedule classes prior to the student entering DAEP. (Ex. AP/Pre-AP)
  • Current Report Card if applicable
  • Withdrawal Grades
  • IEP/504 Documentation for Students of Special needs
  • Documentation of any special health concerns


Student Orientation
Orientation for assigned students will be conducted by appointment only after the referral and class schedule has been received. Students will not be accepted without appropriate documentation. Orientation should not be scheduled by the home campus without approval from DAEP Administrator. Please call or have parents call to make an appointment for the 3:00 p.m. orientation.  Orientations are conducted daily starting at 3:00 p.m.


Students Returning to Campus
Each campus will be notified prior to the student returning to his/her home campus by email. Principals will receive a tentative day of release from the program. If changes occur notification will be sent.


Students with long-term assignments/extended stay
A conference will be conducted for all and any student with more than a 30-day assignment or if the student is not being successful at DAEP. Conferences will be scheduled with the student, parent, campus administrator, etc.


Elective Course
Any elective course not offered at DAEP may be continued if the home campus will assume the responsibility of providing the work to the student while he/she is at DAEP. This work will be received, monitored, administered by the DAEP Staff, and forwarded back to the home campus for grading and grade assignment purposes. All work received and forwarded back to the home campus will be documented.