Staff Links

Simple instructions for how to use the copy machines at Pine Ridge Elementary. Brought to you by Justin Turbeville. 

This website offers many different options for working with Technology and students with disabilities. 

Suzonna McFarlain, LJH Teacher and Lion Geek, presents this informative video on how to publish information to the web for both students and teachers. 

This video by JoAn Delafosse, Pine Ridge Lion Geek, will show you how to put in for a Substitute teacher when you are going to be absent.  

This video, by Emily Williamson,  explains the procedures for checking out the laptop cart at the three elementary schools.  

The 2016-2017 Technology Integration schedule for the Fall of 2016. 

Sarah Dickens, Lion Geek and teacher at LIS shows you how to use GoGuardian in your class. 

Use this program to schedule a sub for days when you will be absent. 

Brainpop is an interactive tool for presenting classroom instruction in grades K-12.  Livingston ISD also subscribes to Brainpop Jr. and Brainpop ESL. 

This is the home page for your Google Classrooms. You can find the classrooms that you have created as well as those that you have signed up for. If you have any questions contact the Tech Integration Department. 

Display the latest in current events from the award-winning Channel One News. 

Student Textbook Materials. 

A list of 120 different behaviors and how to handle each one to make your classroom run smoothly. A very good resource for Classroom Management.  It requires you to sign up but it is free and well worth it. 

Discovery Education offers videos and clips in all subject areas. This useful resource can help make your lesson engaging to students. 

Eduphoria is used for signing up for workshops, writing lesson plans, PDAS, and examining student data. 

A comprehensive list of English/Language Arts websites for our ELA teachers to use in class. 

Fitness Gram is used by Physical Education teachers to input health statistics. 

Resources for flipping your classroom. Flipped classroom trainings are held once a month in Livingston ISD. 

This site is used to manage Chromebooks in the classroom.  

The official Google Training page of Livingston ISD. 

This site is used by teachers across LISD to administer quizzes using the document camera and pre-printed scan-tron documents. 

View the results and reports for students' work in Istation through this useful link. 

Kahoot lets you give interactive quizzes to your classroom using the Chromebooks. Students use a different login to take the quiz but the instructions are given on your pc-viewer. is the curriculum software we use for teaching our students the Technology TEKS.  Students in grades K-8 complete modules throughout the fall using the software. 

This site is used to manage your employee benefits and services. 

Math links and resources for use in Livingston ISD classrooms. 

Mentoring Minds is an online material for Math and Reading. A teacher's edition of the book is needed to login and create classes.

Complete your Safe School Modules at this link. 

Links for the LISD Science teachers. 

Socrative lets you make interactive quizzes for your classroom for use with the Chromebooks. 

LISD Special Resources uses this software to track Special Education information. 

This awesome site contains resources for every one of the TEKS and by grade. Great Resource. 

The gradebook program for LISD staff is used to enter student grades and attendance. 

This is the student and employee data program for all LISD students and staff. 

Think Central is the website that correlates with the Science curriculum K-8. Usernames and passwords are provided for teachers. 

Access the LISD Time Clock software.