Substitute Information

Substitute Information!


***Substitutes -- Please follow the steps below for processing and orientation.***

 Substitute Health Insurance Election Form

 A Special Message for LISD Substitute Teachers
The State of Texas has implemented a fingerprint law known as Senate Bill 9 (SB-9).  As of January 1, 2008, this law requires that all new non-certified district employees be fingerprinted prior to being hired.  In addition, any new employees to LISD must complete fingerprinting before working with the district.  See the steps below so that you are aware of the process to become eligible to substitute for Livingston ISD during the upcoming school year!

 Are you interested in substituting for LISD?  

Follow these easy steps:

1. Apply for the Substitute Teacher Opening on the Employment Web page. PRINT  COMPLETED APPLICATION
2. Bring completed application to your orientation (dates listed below).  The following required documents for application processing, orientation, and training on designated dates: Driver's License, Social Security Card, and a copy of proof of highest degree of education.
(HS diploma/GED or college transcripts) 
3.  Complete fingerprinting process – a Fastpass will be issued from the HR dept. after orientation.
4. Collect ID badge
5.  Register with the Aesop Sub-Finder System
6. Review and accept jobs with Aesop and start substituting!

2017-2018 LISD Substitute Teacher Information

Application Process and Orientation Dates:



An additional Application Processing/Orientation cycle may be added later in the year if enough interest is shown.

Livingston ISD Substitute Pay

Professional Assignment

GED or HS Diploma   $70 a day

Bachelor’s Degree; Non-Certified   $80 a day

Certified Teacher $100 a day


Professional Assignment - Long Term Substitutes

GED or HS Diploma   $70 a day

Bachelor’s Degree; Non-Certified   $110 a day

Certified Teacher     $160 a day

Long term substitute – 16 or more days in the same assignment on a consistent basis.

Other Positions

Educational Assistant $60 a day

Educational Assistant working with special needs students  $70 a day
  (ABU, developmental, early childhood, handicap, etc.)

Professional Support $60 a day