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What bus does my child ride?


Students are required to be at their designated stops 10 minutes before the bus arrives. They must be where the driver can see them. Parents must assume the responsibility for students getting to the bus stop and also their conduct while waiting at the bus stop and also while riding the bus.  


 The Transfinder System
Livingston ISD employs the Transfinder system to help parents locate their child's bus stop and find arrival and departure times. 

Special Note - Make sure, when using the Transfinder system, to put your complete address name.  If you live on Jones St. make sure to include the St. part or you may find Jones Rd. or Jones Ave.  It is very important that you put the correct and complete address. If you are unsure of what to enter please contact the Transportation Dept. At (936)328-2281 for assistance.

  Click Here to access the Transfinder system!



Here Comes The Bus

LISD Bus Tracking App

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Here Comes The Bus App Link


Bus Drivers

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LISD Bus Drivers
 Start at $15.50 per hour