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Our Drivers

Transportation of students in the safest possible manner shall be the highest priority of the Transportation Department.  It is the responsibility of the Transportation Department to provide student transportation in the most effective means that is commensurate with the level of service required to meet the educational needs of all students. 

Livingston ISD requires each school bus driver to have the qualifications required by and to be certified in accordance with the standards established by the Department of Public Safety.  Additionally, all school bus drivers must complete required updates annually and participate in safety training and staff development on a monthly basis.



  Elementary Drivers    Special Services Drivers    
E-0  Angela Simmons L-24 Roxanne Light/Angela Severance  H-29  
E-1 Bobby Flowers L-25 Eileen Emanuel/Kathy Campbell  H-30  Ronnie Griffith Jr.
E-2 Robert Whatley L-27 Cathy Currie/Carol Cunningham  H-31  Mike Beland
E-3 Kenny Oates


Brenda Martindale/Cara Swilley

 H-32 Annette Monk 
E-4 Terry Moore L-41 Gail Evans/Bobbie Green  H-33 Dwayne Whitten
E-5 Anisha Adkison L-42 Glenn Evans/Shelly Jones  H-34 Johnny Wilson
E-6 Audrey Figerova L-43    H-35 Birgit Loveall 
E-7   L-44 Mike Miles/Gwen Wilson  H-36 Teresa Adams
E-8 Ann Brasher L-45 Denise Jackson/Brenda Martindale  H-37 Dennis Hadley
E-9 Mary Brunson L-46 Birgit Loveall/Glenda Trull  H-38 Glen D. Thrasher 
E-10 Brenda Jacobs L-47

Emily Robinson/Carolyn Nelson

 H-39 Sheri Wilson 
E-11 Dwayne Whitten      H-40 JoLynn Carmen 
E-12 JoLynn Carmen   Our Bus Monitors  H-41 Linda Harris 
E-14 Tammye Sturrup   Jettie DeWalt, Angie Phelps,  H-42  
E-15  Karen Neel    Angela Severance,Kelly Kilbourn  H-43 Angela Simmons
E-16 Teresa Adams    High School Drivers  H-44  Mike  Beland
E-17   H-20 Audrey Figarova    
E-18 Danny Fisher H-21  Yvette Rush    Our Substitute Drivers
E-19  Johnny Wilson H-22  Mary Brunson    
E-20 R.A. Havard H-23 Danny Fisher    Russell Hogue
E-21 Peggy Thatcher H-24      Elana McMahon Ruthven
E-22 Dennis Hadley H-25      Jennifer Watson
E-23 Teresa Adams H-26 Larry Williams    
E-24  Steve Moore H-27 Ronnie Griffith Sr.    
E-25 Dennis Fox H-28