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LISD Student Instructional Supports

Instructional Supports Beginning Monday, May 4, 2020

The District has provided further direction with learning activities posted below. 
These instructional opportunities will offer our students a pathway to maintain their learning.

If you have any questions about the Instructional Support material, or a printed copy, please email the classroom teacher or campus principal.
Click here for district email directory.

Students who have questions about online learning may email Gregg Faith at

If you need Phase I Instructional Supports (March 18-April 2) Click Here.
If you need Phase II Instructional Supports (April 6-April 30) Click Here.

Additional Instructional Supports can be found at

Pre-K & Kindergarten

PPCD  Select this link

Pre K Choice Board – Select this link

Kinder Choice Board – Select this link


Elementary 1st – 5th Grade

  1. Students are encouraged to complete daily individual squares with one activity per square, working towards a weekly BINGO which is 5 in a row diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

  2. The object is to have all squares completed by May 15, 2020.

  3. Activities are included for those with and those without internet access. Activities can be completed in an average of 15-20 minutes each. 

  4. If you are unable to print and mark a choice board, you may keep a list of activities completed.

Please see the links below to access your grade level and subject. 

1st Grade
   Choice Board – Select this link

2nd  Grade
   Math Choice Board – Select this link
   Reading Choice Board  Select this link

3rd  Grade 
   Math Choice Board – Select this link
   Reading Choice Board – Select this link

4th  Grade – Please check your Google Classroom

5th  Grade – Please check your Google Classroom

Elementary Art Choice Board – Select this link

Elementary PE Pyramid – Select this link
Elementary PE Choice Board  Select this link

Elementary Music Choice Board – Select this link

Elementary Counselor/Nurse Activities Choice Board – Select this link


Junior High 6th – 8th Grade
If you have questions, email your teacher.

6th  Grade Google Classroom

7th  Grade Google Classroom

8th  Grade Google Classroom

High School 9th – 12th Grade

9th  Grade – Google Classroom

10th  Grade – Google Classroom

11th  Grade – Google Classroom

12th  Grade – Google Classroom

On the Job Training – Select this link

Career Prep – Select this link


LHS Academy
The academy students will be able to access the online Edmentum curriculum at home to complete their assigned course modules.
All course mastery tests must be completed at a later time at the campus.

Junior High students need to access online materials through the appropriate grade level found on this web page.
High School students will continue to work through Edmentum course modules online.