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Instructional Support Elementary PE



EXERCISES - Do these exercises in the morning and in the afternoon. 10 sit-ups x 2 (2 sets of 10) 10 push-ups x 2 (2 sets of 10) Arm stretch 

If you have a jump rope, use it. Your goal is 50 jumps with no misses. If you don’t have a rope, pretend that you do! Use your arms to turn the invisible rope. You can’t miss! Remember, 50 jumps with no stops! 50 jumps in the morning and 50 jumps in the afternoon.


Monkeys and Gorillas

Set Up: Divide your family in half.  Have half of the students start with a scarf or sock, the other half starts without one.  With younger students, we use “monkeys” (with flags (socks or anything you can find)) and “gorillas” (no flags).

Game Play: The gorillas chase the monkeys and try to steal their tail (grab the flag).  Once a gorilla steals a tail from a monkey, he/she clips on the flag belt or attaches the flag and is now a monkey.  The object of the game is to try and have a flag in your possession at the end of each round.  Students with a flag at the end of the round give themselves a point.  Play for several rounds.

Rules: Use a “no tag backs” rule where players that just had their tail stolen must try to steal a tail from someone else other than the player that just took his/hers.  Also, if a player is in the process of putting on a flag or tucking in a scarf, a player cannot steal it before they are ready.  Wait for them to begin running before giving chase. If a tail falls on the floor, it is fair game for any gorilla to pick up.

Other games:


* any form of tag or freeze tag

* basketball. soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball in yard

* use a ball and throw with partner and see how many times you can catch the ball before dropping it.

* play washers or corn hole - whoever loses has to run around the house

* Hide and go seek

* Use a sheet as a parachute and put ball in middle and see how high you can toss it.  Whichever side it pops out on that person has to do 10 jumping jacks, or push ups, or planks

* Have the kids demonstrate some exercises they do in PE.  (planks, coffee grinders, superman, opposite elbow to opposite knee etc)

* Have the kids plan a game like they were the PE teacher and your family can play game together.  Then other family members do the same.