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Update from the Superintendent

Posted Date: 06/25/2020

Update from the Superintendent

Dear Lion Country,

As we now have summer in full swing, I know there are a lot of questions regarding what the future holds and exactly how school will look in the future.  We can see that predictions are all over the page simply scanning the pundits on social media and the nightly news.  Each district across the state is unique and carries its own set of challenges and circumstances.  Districts expected to receive health and safety guidance from the Texas Education Agency this week on the biweekly phone call, but this information was delayed yet another week.  We currently have 42 days prior to the start of instruction and can no longer wait on what we have heard will only be recommendations.  The district has contracted with the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to aid us in navigating through these constantly changing times.  We wanted our parents and community to know that we are working each day to implement an in-person school start.  Commissioner Morath noted in the presentation that we cannot allow this public health crisis to become a generation education crisis.  We can not agree more with the Commissioner.  This is why the district is committed to the most effective educational model for both students' academic and emotional learning while implementing sound precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Please know that our faculty and staff are not sitting idle but working hard to ensure training, supplies, and materials are in place for August 6th.  We will continue to communicate with our stakeholders as more information becomes available, and the district will release more detailed information the week of July 20th.

One thing we can announce today is that the district will not publish a school supply list for grades Pre-Kindergarten to 8th-grade this year.  The Board of Trustees understands that during these times of uncertainty and economic hardship this will be a relief to our families.  Just as the costs have gone up for schools we understand that costs have gone up for households.  Instead of purchasing school supplies, we encourage families to explore their internet access for this next school year as there will more than likely be times that students will be working at home.  If the district response status changes we will initiate hotspots again but understand that it is more convenient to work at home.  Please know we appreciate the numerous groups and organizations that have worked each year to ensure that students have needed school supplies.  While the students won’t have supply needs, there will still be opportunities to help if you so desire.  Please contact our district office if you need more information 936-328-2100.

Dr. Brent Hawkins
Livingston ISD Superintendent

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