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Maintenance Department

Safe and Clean Schools
The Livingston ISD Maintenance Department is dedicated to keeping our local schools and campuses clean and functioning properly throughout the school year. Safe school environments are essential to the educational process, and LISD has the cleanest and best-kept schools in the state of Texas.  LISD Maintenance is committed to meeting the needs of local students and helping to create success in Livingston ISD. 

P.O. Box 1297, Livingston, TX. 77351
(936)328-2216 Fax: (936) 328-2292

Lisa Pearson
Lisa Pearson
LISD Director of Operations & Purchasing
P.O. Box 1297, Livingston, TX. 77351
(936)328-2100  Ext. 2203   Fax: (936) 328-2109
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