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Learning With Technology

The Livingston Independent School District believes in providing equal opportunities for education, including access to current technology. The district is committed to fostering positive attitudes toward incorporating technology into instruction, into administration, and into the home as a learning tool. The curriculum in Livingston ISD will provide students the opportunities to learn about technology, learn with technology, and learn from technology. Livingston ISD will make every effort possible to empower its students for further education and/or equipping them with the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. The district is also committed to educating students and training staff in the effective and responsible use of technology across the educational spectrum to enhance learning and to improve communication skills at all levels.


Meet our Technology Team




Please make use of our work order system for all your technology needs.  A quick link is available on the right sidebar.  In case of emergency, or if you cannot reach the work order system, feel free to contact us at (936) 328-2222

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