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LISD Superintendent


Superintendent - Mission Statement

LISD Administration Office
P.O. Box 1297
Livingston, TX 77351
Phone: (936) 328-2100 
Fax: (936) 328-2109
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Welcome to Lion Country!

We are extremely proud of the progress that our organization makes each day to improve the lives of those we serve and each other.  The future is one of a strong vision that meets the needs of our students by enhancing the opportunities which allow the youth of our community to reach their dreams.

I invite you to look at the district’s most recent Annual Performance Report to encompass the success the district is experiencing.  We are thankful for this success but realize we are fortunate to have a great staff to make this happen.  Our students and staff in Lion Country are our greatest assets.  

Our students face more challenges than ever before as they prepare for their post-secondary experience.  We understand that as these challenges grow and change our organization must transform to ensure our students are ready to meet those challenges.  Today’s class of 2029 is preparing for jobs that do not exist.  Our call to service of these students is to prepare them with an ethic of cure and transformative experiences rooted deeply in higher-order thinking skills and a rigorous curriculum.

As not only superintendent but a parent of two children in LISD and an LHS alumni, we are blessed to be part of lion country.  The community in which we live is an honor to be part of, and rest assured no community has a bigger heart than that of Livingston, Texas.


Dr. Brent Hawkins




LISD Superintendent

Presented Jan. 2020

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