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I am Lion Country


We are Lion Country.  We envision schools where all children succeed, feel safe and their curiosity is cultivated. We see schools that foster a sense of belonging and community and that inspire collaboration. We see learning standards that challenge, and intentionally designed experiences that delight students, develop their confidence and competence, and cause every child to value tasks that result in learning. Ultimately, we see schools and related venues that prepare all children for many choices and that give them the tools and attitudes to contribute to our democratic way of life and live successfully in a rapidly changing world. Livingston ISD is dedicated to:


 Building Safe Schools
Schools that are safe havens for students physically and emotionally, where students and teachers feel liberated to develop and nurture the whole person.


 Encouraging Curiosity
Students who are encouraged to cultivate their curiosity and who
realize questions are sometimes more important than answers.


 Cultivating a Culture of Success
A culture that inspires all to do their best and a curriculum that is relevant, challenging, and meaningful.


 Creating Opportunities
Learning standards that reflect the development of the total range of student capabilities and that enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to successfully contribute to our democratic ideals and to compete in today’s digitally connected world.


 Setting High Standards
High learning standards with reasonable variation to challenge every child and motivate him or her to success.


 Teaching Digital Learners
Students who have access to the tools of technology and who value the use of those tools in learning and communication.


 Fostering Ownership
Students who own their learning, who can remember what they learned, and who can apply it wherever and whenever needed.


 Nurturing Learners
Students who know that development of all their talents is valued and fostered by the school, their families, and the community at large, and who know safety nets and second chances are there to help them succeed.


 Assessing the Learning Process
Multiple assessments that assist in the ongoing learning process and that serve as a positive influence in motivating students to succeed.


 Preparing for a Life of Learning
Students who are prepared for life, for pursuing further education, for taking the first steps on their career paths, and recognizing all options open to them.


Source:  "Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas: A Work in Progress for Conversation and Further Development."  Texas Association of School Administrators, May 2008, Austin, Texas.