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Report Bullying


If you need to make a report of bullying, DOWNLOAD THE CAMPUS EYE   APP TO ANY SMARTPHONE  – USE THE CODE LISD

All Bullying Reports are submitted to a campus and district administrator.  The Campus Eye app replaces the “report bullying” website links previously used by the district, allowing anyone to submit a bully report.  

Mobile App Instructions can be found here.

Campus Eye is an app that can be used from any smartphone that will enhance communication between students and school administrators using mobile app technology.  The smartphone app is available for download for free from Google Play or the Apple Store to be used in Bully Prevention.   After logging into the app, students, parents, faculty, and staff will be able to report directly to campus safety and security. 

The app is used for bully prevention and reporting, including the ability to create a note describing the incident.  The user may also take or attach a picture of the incident.  Studies have found that when students observe unsafe situations, they do one of two things: use their mobile devices to take pictures or video, or they walk away feeling apathetic or helpless. Campus Eye fights the bystander mindset by enabling students, faculty, and staff to report safety issues or maintenance tips with a quick snap, description, and send—with or without their name.  The app automatically detects the location of the user and creates a map with a pin drop of the user’s exact location. There is also an option to report Crimestopper tips.

Police officers and facilities personnel can’t be everywhere at once. With Campus Eye, the district can achieve a safer, well-maintained environment. As mobile app use increases, the students’ sense of responsibility to report increases too.  Students want to feel safe and know that when they report issues, their reports are received and treated seriously. Parents want to know their student is protected and can get help when needed. Campus Eye does this. Students gain a sense of responsibility for the well-being of the school. Parents get peace of mind knowing their student is safe.  After downloading Campus Eye to your device, use the district sign-up code - LISD.

The cost of the app was donated by First State Bank of Livingston eliminating any expenses to the district.