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Elementary & Intermediate UIL


Elementary and Intermediate UIL Competition
February  25, 2017

 Livingston Intermediate School
#1 Lions Avenue
Directions to School

Students will be competing from Cedar Grove Elementary, Pine Ridge Elementary, Timber Creek Elementary
and Livingston Intermediate grades 2nd – 5th.
The events will be 
Math, Number Sense, Spelling, Storytelling, Music Memory, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, Chess, Listening Skills, Dictionary Skills, Oral Reading, Maps, Graphs, and Charts.

The University Interscholastic League offers the most comprehensive program of academic competition in the nation. UIL Academics offers more activities than any other UIL division, with 20 A+ Academic contests for grades 2-8. More than half a million students participate in UIL academic contests each year.

These activities, which exist to complement the academic curriculum, are designed to motivate students as they acquire higher levels of knowledge, to challenge students to confront issues of importance and to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific skills. Students are challenged to think critically and creatively, exhibiting much more than knowledge and comprehension.


4th Grade-Chess Puzzles
1st: Alex Burciaga
2nd: Ashlynn Moore
3rd: Adam Boldrie
5th Grade-Chess Puzzles
1st: Mary Bartsch
2nd: Caden Kesler
3rd: Dylan Tassin
2nd Grade-Creative Writing
1st: Jacob Wood
2nd: Addison Lowe
3rd: Harper Armstrong
5th Grade-Dictionary Skills
1st: Kiera McClain
2nd: Johnathan Solano
3rd: Lila Fitzgerald
5th Grade-Listening Skills
1st: Lillie Pierce
2nd: Henry Briceno
3rd: Emily Alvarado
5th Grade-Maps, Graphs, Charts
1st: Santana Ballou
2nd: Bradley Gibson
2nd Grade-Math
1st: John Coates
2nd: Ashley Byrd
3rd: Tobias Johnson
3rd Grade-Math
1st: Om Patel
2nd: Kaidence Cook
3rd: Alex Perez
2nd Grade-Music Memory
1st: William Lewis
2nd: Stevie Salazar
3rd: Mary Martin
3rd Grade-Music Memory
1st: Daniela Amario
2nd: Kami Denham
3rd: Cheyanne Naranjo
4th Grade-Music Memory
1st: Andrea Garcia
2nd: Jenna Snook
3rd: Elijah James
5th Grade-Music Memory
1st: Morgan Stout
2nd: Jerry Sumner
3rd: Treana Macks
4th Grade-Number Sense
1st: Shawn Severance
2nd: Diana Zheng
3rd: Sam Pedigo
5th Grade-Number Sense
1st: Mya Llanes
2nd: Rose Sylestine
3rd: Cayden Bland
4th Grade-Oral Reading
1st: Kaleigh Standley
2nd: Danielle Dickens
3rd: Jacie David
5th Grade-Oral Reading
1st: Sloane Curtin
2nd: Jordan Bush
3rd: Ana Wells
4th Grade-Picture Memory
1st: Alayna Pecero
2nd: Mark Shank
3rd: Makatie Branum
5th Grade-Picture Memory
1st: Brady Ganzer
2nd: Gabriel Quintero
3rd: Hawke Stubbe
3rd Grade-Ready Writing
1st: Veronica Ballou
2nd: Shelbie Sandoval
3rd: Emeren Marberry
4th Grade-Ready Writing
1st: Kaleigh Standley
2nd: Tate Miller
3rd: Rustie Naron
5th Grade-Ready Writing
1st: Jaycee Knighton
2nd: Breezie Clowers
3rd: Brianna Burks
2nd Grade-Spelling
1st: Jaycee Patterson
2nd: Maddie Akers
2nd: Evan Swander
3rd: Abby Bright
3rd Grade-Spelling
1st: Emily Holliman
2nd: Allison Agate
3rd: Kaden Bland
4th Grade-Spelling
1st: Kaydence Butler
2nd: Alora Pinkert
3rd: Zechariah Bolden
5th Grade-Spelling
1st: Drew Davidson
2nd: Natalie Wooten
3rd: Brandon Munson
2nd Grade-Storytelling
1st: Kyle LeBlanc
2nd: Lilli Nelaj
3rd: Jadyn Justice
3rd Grade-Storytelling
1st: Aylin Garcia
2nd: Brooke Anderson
3rd: Kenzie Ojeda