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Guidelines for Goal Setting
Student Goal Worksheet
Appraisal for Coaches Performance
Transportation Pay Scale
Pay Scale
2017-2018 Stipend List 6/1/17
4 Year Highly Qualified Data
Suggested Activities
My Mentor Questionnaire
My Student Questionnaire
AESOP Phone Instructions For Substitutes
AESOP Phone Instructions For Teachers
AESOP Quick Start Guide
Change of Address
Appraisal for Clerical/Administrative Services
Designation of Beneficiary
Educator Scholarship Application
Employee Handbook Receipt 17-18
FMLA Poster
Appraisal for Food Service Performance
Grow Your Own Scholarship
Injury Report Form
LISD Exposure Control Plan
Sick Leave Bank Application
LISD Benefit Guide 2017-2018
Appraisal for Maintenance Performance
Mentee Evaluation Form for HR
Mentor/Mentee Handbook
Mentee Statements to HR
Mentor Log Sheet
Name Change Instruction Packet
New Hire Telephone Reference Check
Appraisal for Para Professional Performance
Principal Appraisal Worksheet
Principal Attestations
Appraisal for Professional Support Staff Performance
2017-2018 Teacher Hiring Schedule
Recommendation For Employment
Recommendation For Employment - Coaching
Request For Leave
Request For Records
Sick Leave Bank Policy
Sick Leave Bank Request
Sick Leave Physicians Statement
Substitute Application
T-TESS Rotation Of Appraisal Letter
Teacher Scholarship
Appraisal for Technology Performance
Texas Hazard Communication
Time Sheet & Supplemental Pay
Appraisal for Transportation Performance
Clock In/Out Instructions
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