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What is a Mentor?
A mentor is an adult who commits to volunteering a minimum of 30-45 minutes a week and giving their undivided attention to one child in order to make a positive impact on a student’s life.

The mentor may play several roles throughout the partnership. A mentor may serve as:

  • Role Model
  • Trusted friend/Advocate
  • Encourager/Goal-Setter
  • Self-esteem booster
  • Teacher, Coach, and Active listener


How are students selected for the program?

Any Livingston ISD teacher can request a Mentor Referral. The campuses use this as a guide to select students they feel can benefit from having a mentor. Once a student is identified, the parent or guardian is contacted and informed that their child has the opportunity to participate in the Mentor Program. Permission to participate in the Mentor Program is sought from the parent or guardian. The student is then contacted and asked if he or she would like to be part of this program. No student is required to participate.


 Benefits Realized by Students

  * Improved grades

  * Fewer discipline referrals

  * Increased attendance

  * Better social skills

  * Increased self-esteem

  * Appreciation of education


Benefits Realized by Mentors

  * Helping others succeed

  * Personal growth and awareness through insights gained from students

  * Shaping the future leaders of tomorrow

  * Sense of accomplishment by inspiring a student

  * Increased meaningful involvement in your community


What is Required of a Mentor?

Mentors are asked to volunteer a minimum of 30-45 minutes per week during the school day. This is a school-based program; therefore, all mentoring takes place at the student's campus during a time that has been set up by the Campus Liaison and the mentor. Outside contact is not allowed unless it is at a school function, such as a basketball game.  

How do I become a Mentor?

Opportunities to mentor are available at all Livingston ISD campuses. All Livingston ISD volunteers are required to complete the online Livingston ISD volunteer application. This process includes a background check. Once approved, the campus Mentor Liaison will contact interested mentors to schedule the mentor orientation and training. Trained mentors will then be matched with a student and a date will be established to begin the program. 


How do I Begin the Process?

To get started click on the Mentor/Volunteer Application and complete an online application or contact the Livingston Independent School District Communications Department at (936) 328-2490 or click here to e-mail Jennifer Birdwell. 


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