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Federal and State Reports

State and Local Education Agency Federal Report Cards are now available. For district and campus report cards click here.  Click for Current Report 

Transparency Stars
Livingston ISD strives to maintain open and honest communication with the public.  In an effort to keep the public informed, we have provided information regarding expenditures and revenues on a per-student basis from our most recently completed fiscal year.  We have included information on the number of full-time personnel, and property tax collections.  Also included are budgets for the last five years and searchable check registers from the last three fiscal years.  Link to Budgets


Finance Summary
Check Registers
Administrator Contact Information
School Board Contact Information
Open Records Request Information

Title IX
LISD District Improvement Plan
District of Innovation Plan
Debt Transparency – Spent & Unspent Proceeds
Debt Transparency – Total Outstanding Principal & Interest
Disclaimer & Legal

TEA Federal Report Cards

Texas Academic Performance Report