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Google Account Access & Security

Checking your Google Account Access and Security


There come times when spring-cleaning just needs to be done, and part of that is examining what and whom may have access to your Google Account. Here’s a few simple steps that will allow you to determine what has access to your Google account and let you remove items that may no longer be needed.


Once logged into your Google Account, click on your icon in the upper right corner and select “My Account”.

You’ll be redirected and end up on the general account page:

Under Sign-in & Security, there is a hyperlink for “Apps with account access” click on that link to be taken to another page where you can control what has access to your Google account.

Google Apps and account access section

Once there, you’re shown Apps with access to your account, Saved Passwords, and Apps that might have less secure settings (Google does not advise using those applications).

Third party apps with account access

This list can be expanded for each individual application as shown, and it shows exactly what it has access to. To remove access from something you no longer want/use, just click on the “Remove Access” button at the upper right of the application description. Once you click on that, there will be a confirmation to remove that access before it is actually implemented.

It’s as simple as that to easily disconnect any applications that you no longer need or want from your Google Account.