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Special Services Documents and Links


Accessing Forms in Eduphoria

The Legal Framework

CTE and Special Education

Eduphoria - Directions to Upload Forms

Grading & Progress Monitoring

Guidelines for Co-Teaching in Texas

IDEAs That Work: Preparing Children & Youth with Disabilities for Success

IEP Annual Goal Development

Individual Education Program

LRE Q&A (English)

LRE Q&A (Spanish)

MSB - X Logs

Project IDEAL

Quick Guide to Discipline

Region VI Service Center

Removal/Change of Placement

Success Ed

Surrogate Parent Training

Technical Assistance- Individual Educational Program (IEP) Development

Texas Education Agency

Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Working with Paraprofessionals



ARD Agenda

Assessment Routing Sheet

Assistive Technology at Home

Billing Statement

Conferences with Reg Ed Teachers

Consent for Disclosure of Confidential Information

Contact Information

Daily/Weekly Log for In-Class Support

Disability Categories

File Documentation

Homebound Packet

IEP Meeting Notice - English

IEP Meeting Notice - Spanish

LISD Transition Document

Livingston MAP

Monthly Checklist

Notice For Release/Consent to Release

Office Letterhead

Parent Contact Log

Parent's Guide to the Admissions, Review & Dismissal Process – English

Parent’s Guide to the Admissions, Review & Dismissal Process- Spanish

Pro Safeguards- English

Pro Safeguards- Spanish

Psychological Consent - English

Psychological Consent - Spanish

Requisition Form

Service Log

SHARS Consent

SHARS Medicaid Service Logs

State of Texas Interagency Eye Examination Report

Student Progress Information

Transfer ARD Packet- Primary & Elementary

Transfer ARD Packet-JH & HS

Transition Student Interview

Written Summary of Restraint Use