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LISD Computer and Email Accounts

LISD Computer and Email Accounts


Computer Account

The computer account allows a staff member, or a student to use a district computer to log in to our network. This login is separate from our email logins.


For Staff: Your login will usually be your first initial followed by your full last name (Linda Singleton is lsingleton). In case there is already someone in the district with the same initial and last name, we will use the following method to obtain a unique username:

● first initial, middle initial (if available), and full last name

● first initial & second initial of the first name, middle initial, full last name.


For Student: A student’s login will usually be the full first name, and full last name(LINDASINGLETON). If there is already a student with the same first and last name, we will add the middle initial (LINDAMSINGLETON). We also realize that there are certain marital and ethnic naming conventions (such as hyphenated names) and on those occasions, the username will be truncated due to system limitations.

For all users: Special characters (spaces, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.) will never be part of the username (login name). This is not in any way intended as an indication of disrespect or apathy towards an individual. Due to automated functions our systems perform, special characters are not recognized and will create operation backlogs or failures. THE FIRST TIME PASSWORD FOR ALL NEW STAFF AND STUDENTS WILL BE: Livingston#1


Google Accounts


In order to use Google Chrome, Google Apps, or Google Email, a Google Account is necessary. All employees and students have a Google Email account.


For Staff: Your user name will be in the same format as your computer account. 

That is your first initial, (

If you are one of the exceptions, then you add your middle initial or your full first name.


For Student :

The majority will use full .

( In case of duplicate names, we add the middle name.

( )


The first-time login password for all Staff and Students for

Email is: Livingston#1