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Lock Out

Secure the Perimeter

All students and staff should be brought into the main building.  ALL exterior doors to the building should be locked and verified to the extent that it can be done safely.  Class changes, if applicable, should be allowed only within the main building.  No one should be permitted to go outside to portables or engage in any outside activity.  An announcement will be made “All personnel, we are under a Lock Out.”  Arrangements must be made to bring in all students from the outside and or temporary classrooms.  The announcement should be repeated at least once.

  • Remain calm.  Do not panic.
  • Designated person(s) will lock, or verify locked, assigned exterior doors.
  • Verify classroom door is locked and closed securely.
  • Be sure the classroom phone is set to ring.
  • Make a list of the students who are present but not on your class roster.
  • Make a list of the students who are not present but who are on your class roster and where these students are.
  • Do not use classroom phones except for emergencies.
  • Do not allow the use of cell phones.
  • Do not use the campus radio except for emergencies.
  • Do not answer the door.  Authorized persons will have keys to enter if necessary.
  • Continue class instruction.
  • Remain in this mode until the “all clear” signal is given.