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Some emergencies will require the principal (Incident Commander) to determine the need to evacuate from the building on-site or off-site. It is the responsibility of the Incident Commander to deem the evacuation route and site safer than the campus building. In cases where an evacuation has been ordered, but during the evacuation it becomes apparent that the campus building is safer, an order for a reverse evacuation should be given by the Incident Commander.

An announcement will be made:
“Staff, students, and visitors, please remain quiet and listen to this entire announcement before taking any action. (Specific instructions will be given as dictated by the emergency) This announcement is complete. Remain quiet and calmly evacuate the building at this time.”

The announcement should be repeated at least once.

  • Remain calm. Do not panic.
  • Be aware of the pre-designated primary & alternate evacuation routes.
  • Take class rosters with you.
  • Turn out the lights and lock the door(s).
  • Advise students to take their backpacks, purses, and similar personal items.
  • Staff, students, and visitors should not be allowed to use a cellular phone.
  • Take a last look around the room for persons left behind and for unusual or suspicious items.
  • If the emergency warrants, vehicle evacuation will be used to transport students to another site.
  • If the emergency calls for an evacuation without the use of vehicles, walk from the building to the designated site.
  • Always evacuate crosswind and/or upwind, away from any emergency by a safe route.
  • Move staff, students, and visitors at least 300 feet from the building and away from emergency vehicles and/or emergency vehicle routes.
  • Reassemble students & check the roll, making sure all students are accounted for.
  • Know where students will be if evacuated from lunch and have a plan to reassemble and account for students.
  • Report any missing students immediately to an administrator.
  • Follow the Campus Student/Parent Reunification Procedure when releasing any student.
  • Note on the roster any students who are released to parents.
  • Remain at the Evacuation Site with your students until an “all clear” is given.