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   The National Weather Service issues a tornado “WATCH” when the possibility of tornadoes exists, and a tornado “WARNING” when a tornado has been spotted or indicated on radar.  Remember, there may not be time for a tornado “WARNING” before a twister strikes since tornadoes form suddenly.  When a tornado “WATCH” has been issued, all staff and students in temporary buildings must be brought into the main building.
     An announcement will be made, “Students and staff.  We have a severe weather alert.  Go immediately to your assigned tornado safety zone.”  This announcement should be repeated at least once.
    Remain calm.  Do not panic.
If you are in a room with exterior windows, do the following:

  •     Collect your class roster.
  •     Collect your purse, cell phone, and campus radio (if applicable).
  •     Advise students to leave backpacks, books, etc.
  •     Take one final look around the room to make sure no person is left behind.
  •     Secure your classroom door.
  •     Assemble students and proceed quickly in an orderly manner to your assigned tornado safety zone.

Once in your assigned tornado safety zone, stay in the room.

  •     Secure your classroom door.
  •     Place students in the predetermined location within the room.
  •     Assume the “Drop, Cover, and Hold” position under a desk when advised to do so, or when the need is apparent.
  •     Remain quiet and in position until the “All Clear” signal is given.

Drop, Cover, and  Hold Position
Drop - Take cover under a nearby desk or table and face away from the windows.
Cover - your eyes by leaning your face against your arms.
Hold - onto the table or desk legs.