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Power Outage

The inherent danger during a major power outage is panic; therefore, all personnel should remain calm.  Keep flashlights and batteries in key locations throughout your work area.

In case of a major, campus-wide power outage:

  •     Remain calm.
  •     Follow instructions from the principal.
  •     Call LISD Maintenance Department.
  •     Call LISD Police.

If evacuation of the building is required follow the Evacuation Procedure.

   Laboratory personnel should secure all experiments and unplug electrical equipment prior to evacuating.  All chemicals should be stored in their original locations.  Provide natural ventilation by opening all doors.  If this is not possible, or natural ventilation is inadequate, evacuate the laboratory until the power is returned.
Do not light candles or other types of flame for lighting.

If people are trapped in an elevator:

  •     Tell passengers to stay calm.  Instruct passengers to pick up the emergency phone in the elevator so they can provide direct information to emergency responders.
  •     Call the LISD Maintenance Department.
  •     Stay near passengers until other assistance arrives, provided it is safe to stay in the building.