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A Shelter order occurs when the outside environment is not safe to enter.  All students, staff, and visitors must immediately report inside and be prepared to stay inside until the area is clear.  The air handlers will be turned off and buildings must be sealed if a toxic environment exists outside.
     When the announcement is made:
    • Students are to be cleared from the halls immediately and report to assigned classrooms.
    • Close and tape all windows and doors and seal the gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor.
    • Take attendance and report according to student accounting and release procedures.
    • Do not allow anyone to leave the classroom until instructed.
    • No one should be admitted inside the building, once sealed.
    • Wait for instructions.

Note:  A Shelter Order will likely be a newsworthy event.  If the sheltered status lasts for a prolonged period of time, instructions may be given regarding allowing students to use cell phones to contact parents.  During a crisis, the classroom phone should be used for emergency use only.  Do not allow students to leave the classroom until instructed by administration or emergency providers.