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Hazardous Material

Hazardous Materials

Refer to the “Emergency Evacuation” section of this guide for Evacuation Procedures.
Be prepared to provide LISD Police Dispatch with information regarding spill (injuries, type of chemicals, flammability of substance, etc.).

  Minor Spill or Leak:

  •     Remain calm.  Do not panic.
  •     Contact the front office immediately if appropriate.
  •     Wear proper personal protective equipment while cleaning up.
  •     Attempt to contain the spill.  Do not allow anything to leak into drains.

  Major Spill or Leak:

  •     Remain calm.  Do not panic.
  •     Activate the nearest fire alarm.
  •     The science classroom master utility gas valve should be turned to the off position.
  •     Immediately evacuate the building taking the roster sheet with you.
  •     Turn off lights, if safe to do so, and close the classroom door.
  •     Leave the building in an orderly manner (do not use the elevator).
  •     Meet in a pre-designated area.
  •     Take roll immediately.
  •     Make a list of the students who are present but not on your class roster.
  •     Make a list of students who are not present but who are on your roster.
  •     Keep students together.
  •     Remain outside until the “all clear” signal is given.