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• Contact the School Resource Officer or Livingston Police Department at 327-3117.
• Have a designated adult or police officer bring the student to the office. The student should bring any backpacks, purses, etc., that are in his/her possession at the time.
• Have at least two adults present. Do not leave the student unattended at any time.
• After the officer is present, tell the student what is suspected. If the student denies or refuses to turn over the weapon, ask the student to empty any backpacks or containers. If this search yields nothing, two adults and the student will go to the student’s locker for a thorough search.
• Further action should be enforced as policy indicates in the District’s Student Handbook.

If a student is threatening others with a weapon...
• Teachers should remain calm and talk to the student in a calming voice. The teacher should not attempt to confiscate the weapon. Send for administrator.
• Call 911.
• Try to ensure the safety of other students according to the campus plan.
• Notify the Superintendent’s Office.